I am Kurt Texter, an artist and designer living in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. My work is spread among graphic design for both print and digital media, web and user interface design, user experience, service design, strategy, and research-based methodologies. At the moment I’m looking for full time work and open to freelance projects.

Collaboration, honesty, and supporting others in the workplace are core values I hold. I’m seeking to be part of an active, passionate team to work on any number of problems. I enjoy creating organized design systems, research, and adding visual utility whenever possible. I’ve had the pleasure of working with design teams for clients such as Adobe, ICON Aircraft, Microsoft, NYAS, and Sonos.

In addition to my love for video games, the outdoors, and expanding my cooking prowess, I’m always looking to discuss new projects and opportunities. If you would like to chat, I’m reachable via texterdesign@gmail.com. Thank you.

'SPLT' for My Famicase Exhibiton 2018

Escape your inner demons with friends! For 1 - 4 players, battle your inner most fears or become your worst nightmare. Don't fret, someone always has your back. You can do this! Hosted by METEOR in Tokyo.


Stop error on the go!

Packaging Design Concept.

'N.B4.Br' for My Famicase Exhibiton 2017

In 2020X everyone and everything lives on the internet. Corporate and privatized cyber ops are the new frontier of corporate espionage and global digital warfare. Take back the system and hack the planet. [N.B4.Br.exe] Infiltrate.Before.Break. Hosted by METEOR in Tokyo.

Alternative Views

Following the release of Views, a .png of Drake sitting by his lonesome appeared in Twitter, and I decided to reappropriate the image by showcasing the artist sitting a top a miriade of other objects and backgrounds.

Album Design Concept